The cost of being on a team depends on the dancer and amount of teams they are on. Dancers are given a convention and competition schedule at the beginning of the season. Each dancer’s competition costs vary based on the size of the group performing each dance, and the number of dances that dancer in which that dancer participates.

On average, it costs $65 (per dancer) to enter one team dance in one competition. The cost for entering one dance in five competitions is approximately $325. Solos, duos, and trios are not required to compete at every competition.

In addition to dance entry fees, there are also competition studio fees, team gear fees, and costs for costumes and hair, makeup, and accessories. Each team member is required to purchase a Company jacket so we can be seen and recognized at competitions and conventions as a team.

Finally, certain competitions will require travel and hotel expenses. Every effort is made to select competitions that will provide dancers and their families with the best experience possible. While we try to select “local” competitions, there are some instances where a competition will require some travel, and thus, hotel as well. These travel expenses are at the cost of the dancer’s family; the studio does not provide compensation for such expenses.