How do I sign up for classes?

ADC uses a Family Portal from JackRabbit to register for and add classes. New families can click over to our Family Portal to create your account and set up your class schedule. Existing families can access the Family Portal login page here.

How do I know what level class to sign up my dancer for?

Students are assigned to classes according to their age as of September 30 each year. During the first 3 weeks of class, students are evaluated on skill level and progress. If a teacher feels it would benefit a child’s individual needs to be placed in another class, you will be notified. Students often remain in the same dance level for multiple years as some levels require more than one year to master. Students who remain in the same class from one year to the next are always provided new class material and challenges to refine their skills.

For what ages do you offer classes at the studio?

We have a large youth dance program, offering combo classes for children as young as 3 years old (as of the start of our fall semester) up to Seniors in high school. We’ll also have a comprehensive adult dance and fitness program coming soon. You can find the schedule outlining various age groups and levels on our Class Listing.

What should I do if the class that works best for my family is full?

We understand that a family’s schedule can get very busy. We encourage you to go ahead and register for the class and join the waitlist (there is no charge!) and to register for another class that’s not perfect but still works. 

You can join as many waitlists as you would like; there are no charges outside of the registration fee until your child is officially part of that class. You can also send us an email letting us know of your situation and we will work hard to help you find that perfect fit.

How long is each dance class?

Most classes run for 60 minutes. For students who are 5 and under, ADC may choose to limit class times to 45 minutes to enhance focus and sustainability.

Does my child need to attend classes regularly?

It is essential that classes are attended consistently. If students frequently miss classes, it is difficult for them to catch up on what they may have missed. It is also difficult for other students to work around those who are missing. Dancing is a team sport like any other.

What is the appropriate attire for each class?

Our dress code ensures that students receive the best possible instruction, minimize injury, increase focus, and develop a strong sense of self-confidence and studio unity. All ballet students should have hair secured in a neat bun (ponytails are permitted for our Tiny Tots and Hip Hop dancers). Black leotards and skin toned/pink tights are required for ballet. More detail about our dress requirements for each class (plus some shopping links) can be found in our update, What to wear for class?

Can I watch my dancer in class?

We are still sensitive to Covid and do not allow parents in the classes. We have a viewing window from the lobby into Studio 1. However, in order to remove any distraction for students, we ask parents to keep the view area free and clear.


What is a competition team?

A competition team is a group of dancers of similar age and ability who learn and rehearse specific choreography, then enter that dance in four to five competitions, generally in the Southern California area.

What team opportunities are there at ADC?

ADC is proud to be the home of an award-winning competition team (known internally as The Company) recognized regionally and across the nation. It is the pulse of the studio, and is composed of our most dedicated, diligent, and dynamic dancers, ranging in age from 5 to 18 years old. Placement on this prestigious team is invitation-only, and based on our auditions process, age, current class level, exceptional ability, and the desire for excellence.

Due to the intense schedule and the nature of customized choreography for each routine we perform, auditions and team placement happen only once each year at the end of the summer. If you’re interested in joining the Company, please make sure you’re following our socials, and subscribed to our email list for news about our next set of Company auditions.

What is the time commitment for competition team?

Being on a team is a significant commitment. Dancers are expected to take a certain set of classes based on the team(s) on which they are placed. Company dancers must also attend all rehearsals for their given level, and attend ALL competitions. Competition is a team sport, and all dancers depend on the commitment of their fellow teammates to succeed.

What are the costs of being on a competition team?

The cost of being on a team depends on the dancer and amount of teams they are on. Dancers are given a convention and competition schedule at the beginning of the season. Each dancer’s competition costs vary based on the size of the group performing each dance, and the number of dances that dancer in which that dancer participates.

On average, it costs $65 (per dancer) to enter one team dance in one competition. The cost for entering one dance in five competitions is approximately $325. Solos, duos, and trios are not required to compete at every competition.

In addition to dance entry fees, there are also competition studio fees, team gear fees, and costs for costumes and hair, makeup, and accessories. Each team member is required to purchase a Company jacket so we can be seen and recognized at competitions and conventions as a team.

Finally, certain competitions will require travel and hotel expenses. Every effort is made to select competitions that will provide dancers and their families with the best experience possible. While we try to select “local” competitions, there are some instances where a competition will require some travel, and thus, hotel as well. These travel expenses are at the cost of the dancer’s family; the studio does not provide compensation for such expenses.


How is tuition determined?

Monthly tuition rates are calculated by the number of hours a student attends class each week.

Class hours per weekTuition
1 hour$65/mo
2 hours$109/mo
3 hours$149/mo
4 hours$187/mo
5 hours$223/mo
Unlimited hours$255/mo
Drop-in class$25
What discounts do you offer?

Two students from the same family will receive a 25% discount off their total monthly tuition. Three or more students from the same family receive a 40% discount off their total monthly tuition.

For recreational dancers, what additional fees are there besides monthly tuition?

An annual non-refundable registration fee of $45 per student (or $70 per family) is due at the time of registration. We are also excited to be able to offer an annual year-end recital for friends and family members of our students. This performance is not mandatory but can be an exciting opportunity for students to perform on stage and showcase what they have been working on in class all year. The Recital fee is $75.00 per student ($120.00 per family). This fee covers all costs associated with our recital, including but not limited to staging, recital t-shirts, venue, digital video, insurance, programs, lighting, scenery, tickets, awards and staff present to work. Costume fees for this performance differ by class and number of dances. Costume deposits for recital are $80/dance.


Does your studio offer workshops or master classes?

Yes. Please check our calendar for upcoming events and make sure you have subscribed to our email list to be the first to know when registration opens.

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