Miss Jenny has been training, inspiring, and educating dancers for over 13 years. Along with her competitive dance background, she is a certified Strength and Conditioning expert as well as a Pilates instructor, and holds a B.A. in business. Her teaching philosophy involves creating a safe environment for dancers to feel comfortable in exploring their capabilities while challenging themselves to be better and stronger with every step.

She has won countless awards for her stylistic and emotional choreography over the years, as well as her students’ technical abilities. She was most recently named Choreographer of the Year by the Energy National Dance Competition. 

Miss Jenny not only strives to train her students technically, but encourages them to be the best at being themselves. Allowing them to leave behind their image of perfection and exceed their true potential as artists. Every day, she revels at her students’ dedication, resilience, and genuine desire to progress. They inspire her with their willingness to try new things before they know whether they’ll succeed. To experiment, learn new skills, and participate in new activities. That bravery is how real learning happens.

To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak”

Hopi Proverb